Gideon Recognition Program


Gideon Recognition Program


Recognizing county advancements in fulfilling the promise of Gideon and the Fair Defense Act

Gideon Recognition Submission Form

The Texas Indigent Defense Commission is pleased to recognize local governments across Texas that strive to meet a high standard for indigent defense. This recognition program is inspired by the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Gideon vs. Wainwright (March 18, 1963). Counties will be recognized based on how well components of their indigent defense systems meet the principles of the Fair Defense Act and the American Bar Association's Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System.*

Counties may receive recognition for programs or achievements that demonstrate a significant level of innovation, such as a new solution to a problem, significantly streamlining a process, a measurable and significant increase in productivity, or improved service quality to indigent defendants or other stakeholders. Recognition may also be given to counties with exceptionally high performing indigent defense systems. In recognizing a county, the Commission seeks to promote innovative, high performing policies that are replicable in other counties.

List of Gideon Recipients

*In order to be eligible for the Gideon Recognition Program, a county must be in compliance and current with Fair Defense Act reporting requirements (indigent defense plans and indigent defense expenditure reports) and must not have any major unresolved issues with Commission policy or fiscal monitoring reports.

Completed submission forms may be emailed to Marissa Kubinski

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